Test Lamps

Drummond Test Lamp

Drummond Test Lamp

The John Drummond range of test lamps offer exceptional build quality and performance. the main body and probe incorporate large finger guards for user safety. Housed in the tough moulded body is a 240V 15W special rough service filament lamp which is shielded by a translucent cover. An HRC fuse is incorporated within the body for electrical protection.

A 1.3m long double insulated EPR/CSP cable connects the main body to the probe. This is oil resistant and flame retardant and is also double insulated with a black outer and white inner to give visual warning of cuts and abrasions. the conductor is very flexible multi-stranded tinned copper with a cross sectional area of 2.5mm.

The high insulation moulded probe handle houses a current limiting resistor and a second HRC fuse (fast acting HRC 500mA 600V) which is accessible via the removable finger guard.

The screw in probes have insulation to within less than 4mm of the tip. the John Drummond range fully complies with GS38. The John Drummond Test Lamps are widely specified  by electrical utilities and other large , safety conscious organisations.